Collection: Yoga Mats for Kids

Unfortunately, Children these days spend most of their time shunting between homework and school related extra-curricular activities. There’s little time for free play. We at AbhinehKrafts believe in a healthy, digital distraction free, free play kind of learning. It is important that we prepare children to face the current scenario and world which is overloaded with stimulation; distractions; and academic and peer pressure too early in life with confidence and serenity in mind.  Yoga and Meditation can immensely help children cope up with this stress. 

Basic and foundational Yoga during the early years has been found to be:

1. Effective in enhancing physical flexibility

2. Effective in refining balance and coordination

3. Effective in developing focus and concentration

4. Effective in boosting self esteem and confidence

5. Effective in strengthening the mind body connection

Getting them started on the Yogic life journey doesn't have to be difficult or complex. Children are natural learners and seekers. All they need is little bit of guidance, right resources, and lot of love and belief.

So, we made this collection to get the curious, little minds, the best natural mats which they can call their home in later years.


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